Beppino Occelli butter is traditionally made, with fresh and skimmed cream, taken from milk of the day while it is still warm. Slightly straw-yellow in spring and summer when the cows are nourished in grassy meadows, it becomes whiter in winter when they feed on hay. The relief of the mountain symbol impressed on the pats, and the package and seals, are made by hand according to the most genuine of dairy farming traditions.


“I tasted 13 butters, mostly unsalted, from Europe and the United States. On a baguette and right off the knife, my hands-down favourite was Occelli. Beautifully packaged in parchment, it was like eating crème fraîche or a fine, triple cream cheese”

(Tested among the thirteen best butters in the world, Wine Spectator, USA)


“It’s so good it can even be eaten on its own”

(Tested among the five best butters in Europe, The Guardian, GB)



40 years of quality