The fruitful relationship between man and the environment, between Beppino Occelli, the Langhe and the mountain pastures, is created and developed above all in the name of milk. No matter whether it is cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk, it’s always delicious, because the final properties of the butter and the cheeses are closely linked to the goodness and freshness of the milk. This is why Beppino Occelli’s “milky way” follows flocks and herders on the Langa farms, roaming the valleys of Cuneo, as far as the pastures of Castelmagno and of Valgrana, reaching Valcasotto where the best wheels of great mountain cheeses are finally left to cure and ripen in the old aging cellars. The gestures are those of always, gained from experience. In order to guarantee this fresh, delicious, safe and reliable milk, Beppino Occelli has cows, sheep and goats that graze in the Langhe and on the pastures of the Alps of Cuneo.