From the Langhe area to the high-altitude summer pastures on the slopes of the Maritime Alps, from the village of Valcasotto to that of Castelmagno: it is here that continual research makes it possible to analyse and evaluate botanic essences on the pastures and their influence on milk. The census of herbs and flowers leads to a classification of the fields also according to months and seasons, and to the selection of the best grasslands and mountain pastures. With the farm, the milk sector - from pasture to cheese - is guaranteed, since Beppino Occelli can count on his animals (cows, goats and sheep) on the pastures in summer and in the stalls in winter.

This enables Beppino Occelli to produce Langa and Alpe cheeses, starting almost exclusively from the milk of animals that live and graze on his lands. It isn’t by chance that he is also a keen supporter of the “Fondazione Slow Food” (Slow Food Foundation) for the biodiversity promoting farming that is eco-compatible, respects the environment and protects those animal and vegetable species at risk of extinction.