Beppino Occelli has restored Valcasotto, transforming it into an actual “Cheese Village”. Aging in Valcasotto has a tradition that has been rooted in the Maritime Alps for almost a century: it is here that the rare Langa and Cunean mountain cheeses find their ideal font. In the darkness of the cellars time works together with air and water to bring the cheeses to their full ripeness. Experts in aging regularly turn the forms, caressing them and massaging them until the day when are ready to be brought to the table.



Subsequently, the best forms are “rewarded” and transferred to smaller cellars for maturing. Long months during which the special microclimate and contact with as many as 12 different types of woods flavour the development of noble moulds: white, pink, orangey or greenish. The ultimate taste of the cheese is thus enhanced and becomes unique.

The Napoleonic Mill

Another location in Valcasotto that Beppino Occelli has recovered is the old Napoleonic mill of Pamparato (1804). Its three stones traditionally ground the flour from corn (8-row), buckwheat and chestnuts.

Il Mulino Napoleonico

The cheese shop

Cheese isn’t just food, it is also a way of socialising, of conversing, of celebrating; it is history, art, and culture … which is precisely why the cheese shop was conceived: a locale on the ground floor, where you can stop for a break, sample some bread and cheese, have a glass of wine. But it is also a place where you can hang around for a while, enjoy a “merenda-sinoira” (an antique Piedmont tradition: an afternoon meal that, for its richness, can replace dinner), and try the entire range of Beppino Occelli’s award-winning cheeses all together.

Everyone at the table

In addition, there is also a restaurant in Valcasotto with ample spaces and a terrace where gourmets can find refreshment.

This is where the meticulous research of the cooks brings to the table not only the ample range of Beppino Occelli’s cheeses, but all the natural treasures of Valcasotto, aswell.
tutti a tavola


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