Salone del Gusto 2014: yet again a success for Beppino Occelli

Salone del Gusto 2014: yet again a success for Beppino Occelli

The point of reference at this year’s edition of “Salone del Gusto” was definitely the booth of Beppino Occelli, now acclaimed Italian gastronomy par excellence.

 Numbered among our many visitors were food enthusiasts, browsers hunting for quality butter and cheeses, bloggers, journalists and the biggest names in the culinary sector, who had the opportunity to appreciate not only the great classics such as Beppino Occelli fresh cream Butter or Tuma dla Paja, but also the exceptional specialities of the house.
A huge success was also achieved by the alpine-pasture Castelmagno cheese and the new Butter, shaped manually in the traditional cast of an edelweiss flower.
According to the chefs visiting us, the best cheese was unquestionably Occelli wrapped in chestnut leaves, a cheese aged on boards of cherry wood in the cellars of Valcasotto, left to mature for up to two years to obtain its classic strong, intense flavour which is what characterizes its quality.
We also had the pleasure to meet many foreign visitors, mainly from Russia, Japan, America and Arab Emirates, who relished our cheeses with summer truffle, from Tuma del Trifulau to Crutin, but also Occelli specialities with fruit and Muscat Grappa, a Beppino Occelli cheese with a new tang combining Sicilian fruit with Piedmontese Muscat Grappa.

Here are the most significant photos of the event:

grande affluenza di pubblico allo stand

Mario Calabresi direttore del La Stampa in attesa di degustare il suo erborinato preferito, il Verzin di capra

il prof Piergiorgio Calabrese e la consorte Caterina con Beppino Occelli

Beppino Occelli con Ada d'Eusanio e Luca Sardella

Il giornalista e scrittore Bruno gambarotta con Beppino Occelli

Francesco Farinetti figlio di Oscar, patron di etaly

il grande chef Balin con Beppino Occelli

Monica Bianchessi, chef del programma Pronto in tavola di Alice tv

Beppino Occelli con una nostra affezionatissima cliente giapponese

occelli con frutta e grappa

Momenti di svago allo stand Beppino Occelli


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