Occelli Butter #1 in Italy in Dissapore's Top 10 Italian Butter Rankings

Occelli Butter #1 in Italy in Dissapore\'s Top 10 Italian Butter Rankings

Confusion rules when it has to do with butter and, therefore, the purchase price becomes the only determining factor: it ranges from €7/8 per kg to over €30 per kg, but there is no clear distinction on the shelf as there is for wine or oil, for example, which would allow the buyer to classify the product.

We welcome Dissapore's initiative to inform shoppers about what they are buying, starting by clarifying simple notions:

·         Butter is not bad for the health. On this subject, there is an interesting article on " Il Sole 24 ore";

·         It is not true that good butter is only produced in France or northern Europe and that there is no                         quality Italian butter;


How butter is produced:

1.       Surfacing: supporters of surfacing claim that the long maturation time allows the product a greater aromatic consistency;

2.       Centrifuge: a well-established method to produce quality butter, practised for most Northern European butters, which is done at a speed of between 6500-7000 rpm, ensuring a pure product.


Origin of Milk: Since May 2017, there is a regulation that obliges producers to indicate the origin and country of milking with the following labels: Origin of Milk: Italy, if the production chain is completely Italian, or if it is not, indicating with the initials EU or Extra EU.


So good Italian butter, whether from centrifuges or from the surfacing, does exist, and Dissapore has tried to highlight those who produce quality with its ranking of the 10 best Italian butters. And the highest place on the podium went to Occelli butter!


You can read the news and see the complete ranking on the official website of Dissapore.