Lavender biscuits with Burro Occelli®


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Lavender biscuits with Burro Occelli®


for about 55/60 biscuits:
- 375 g. flour
- 180 g. Occelli Butter® at room temperature
- 180 g sugar
- 3 eggs
- 1 tsp honey
- 1 pinch of salt
- 3/4 tablespoonfuls dried lavender flowers


Put all the ingredients in a bowl, except for the lavender flowers.
Prepare the dried lavender flowers, taking only the flowers and eliminating the sprigs to which they are attached.
Add a little lavender to the mixture, beginning with 2 tablespoonfuls and, if necessary, taste.
Start kneading the pastry.
Knead it with your hands until homogeneous; taste the pastry so that you find the right amount of lavender for a pleasant taste that is not too strong; I added 2 tablespoonfuls of lavender flowers.
Knead for as long as it takes to blend the lavender flowers with the mixture, the pastry mustn’t be kneaded for too long as it should just remain pastry.
Shape into a ball and put in the refrigerator for at least half an hour.
When the time is up, remove the dough from the refrigerator. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and, with the aid of one or more biscuit cutters (whichever you prefer), cut the biscuits about half a centimetre high.
Cut as many biscuits as you can from the dough (two baking trays will be needed).
Bake at 180/200° for 15/20 minutes or until golden-brown as required.

For this recipe the following have been used:

Beppino Occelli Butter® 


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