Black rice with Valcasotto® fondue, Occelli® Butter, green apple and almonds


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Black rice with Valcasotto® fondue, Occelli® Butter, green apple and almonds
COURSE: First courses PREPARATION TIME: DIFFICULTY: Medium difficulty


To serve 2 people :

150 g black Venere rice
1 green apple
10-15 almonds
130 g Valcasotto®
25 g Occelli® Butter
1 egg yolk
milk as needed.


To begin with, dice the Valcasotto® and leave to infuse in the milk for two hours. Boil the rice in plenty of salted water for about 40 minutes (check the cooking time indicated on the package because it can vary). In the meantime, dice the apple and fry in a pan with a little Occelli® butter. Now prepare the fondue: heat the Occelli® butter and when it has browned a little, add the Valcasotto® and the milk. Work the mixture well with a ladle without letting it boil and once the cheese has completely melted, remove the pan from the heat and add the egg yolk. Return it to the heat and continue stirring. The fondue should have a creamy consistency, it mustn’t be stringy and it mustn’t have a grainy texture. Cook the rice until slightly underdone and pour onto the dish (if you like, you can create a precise shape using a pastry ring), pour the fondue around the rice, garnish with the apple dices and some almonds. If you want, you can shower the rice delicately with a few drops of green apple syrup.

For this recipe the following have been used:

Occelli® Butter


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