A cheese made from raw cow’s milk and raw goat’s milk in variable quantities depending on seasonal availability. It comes in a low square form with the shape of a knot impressed by the cloth in which the curd is wrapped. Its consistency is soft and pliable, its flavour milky – buttery. Its form and colour recall the “losa”, stone used to cover mountain houses. Pairs well with reds of medium-body and with aromatic honey. Beppino Occelli recommends this cheese for the preparation of fillings and fondues.

Nutritional value 100g

Energy 1381 KJ / 330 Kcal
Fat 27 g
Carbohydrates 0
Of which sugars 0 g
Protein 19 mg


Raw Cow's MILK (Milk origin: Italy)(69%), Raw Goat's MILK (Milk origin: Italy)(29,5%), Salt, Rennet


Milk. Lactose

Milk origin


Storage info

Conservare in frigo ad una temperatura di +6/+8 °C

Match to

Pinot Noir

Jams and honey
mandarin jam
Orange jam

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